These days, we’re all super-conscious of how clean our surroundings are, especially when we’re back at work and sharing spaces again. To help ease any anxieties about returning to work, we thought it would be useful to share our five easy tips for a cleaner office environment.

1. Have a clear-desk policy

We all know how easy it is to let papers and files (or food wrappers, mugs and dishes) pile up on your desk, especially when you’re so busy catching up after lockdown. Instilling a clear-desk policy across the organisation makes it much easier to wipe down desks regularly and for cleaners to get into every corner. Often it just takes a reorganisation of what’s there, rather than needing to buy expensive storage solutions – and it will help everyone become more organised.

(It’s also a good opportunity to ask staff not to eat lunch at their desks, if possible, which helps them get a break from work – that’s better for their mental health, too!)

2. Use a free-standing hand sanitiser

It may seem an obvious one nowadays, but it can be possible to forget to sanitise your hands when you’re coming back from lunch or an external meeting. Your front-of-house staff may also feel a little awkward asking all visitors to hand-sanitise.

One good solution is a free-standing hand sanitiser in the front reception area, with a polite sign asking everyone to use it when they arrive and when they leave. We can source these at competitive prices for our customers, so do ask! (Contact us here for advice on this.)

3. Clean those keyboards and phones

We’ve all heard the horror stories about keyboards containing more bacteria than toilets, but is it true? According to an article in The Independent, the average desk contains 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats.

The research revealed that “more than two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks. Failing to clean regularly with antibacterial wipes can encourage dangerous bugs to breed, such as… Staphylococcus aureus and E-coli.”

Given that you touch your desk far more often than a toilet seat (we hope!), it’s very important to keep this clean between visits from the cleaner.

Empty out crumbs and other detritus from your keyboard daily, and keep cleaning wipes on desks to keep phones and other surfaces hygienic. For an eco-friendly solution, try a washable cloth for each desk which you can use with a refillable spray.

4. Do a kitchen rota

Of course, your cleaning company will clean your kitchen area, but during the working day and after busy break times, you’ll want to know that the food-prep surfaces – and the all-important microwave! – are clean and hygienic. You may want to have a rota for wiping down surfaces after lunch, or simply make it a shared responsibility for everyone to spray and clean work surfaces after they’ve used the kitchen.

5. Be patient with each other

We’ve discovered that, as our clients return to work, some staff may be feeling anxious and some may be relaxed and raring to go. In our client meetings we’ve had lots of discussions about people’s different attitudes towards cleanliness and tidiness. What matters hugely to you may not even have occurred to a colleague. So our last piece of advice – and we strive to follow this, too – is to try to be patient and remember that we all have different ideas about what makes a clean, healthy office. Where opinions differ, try to bring up any issues as soon as possible and forge a new way of working together.

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