Who cleans your stairwell? In days gone by, people had to take turns at cleaning the shared stair – and woe betide anyone who missed their turn! A stern note would be left on your door handle, and there was nothing else for it but to get the mop and bucket out. Now, residents don’t have to worry about turn-taking, as a commercial cleaning company can do the job for them.

Back in 2010, when we started Vasart, stairwells were where we started our commercial cleaning journey. We started providing this service for housing associations and for factoring and management companies, and we continue to do so today. Meeting the exacting standards of these organisations has earned us a reputation for excellent service and good value and we have grown significantly since then. We now manage the cleaning of over 100 stairwells per week as well as our services for the private and public sector.

What do we do to clean a stairwell? We vacuum and/or mop the stairs, thoroughly clean and sanitise surfaces (such as banisters) and ensure they dust-free, to make them healthy, pleasant places to walk through.

What kinds of stairwells can Vasart clean commercially?

We provide a high-quality, cost-efficient stairwell-cleaning service for:

  • developments of flats
  • stone tenement buildings
  • entire housing estates.

We can also clean stairwells as part of our bespoke office-cleaning service. Our staff are all permanent employees and each property will be cleaned by the same person or team every time, offering you a high level of consistency and reliability.

We believe that our consistent and reliable service has helped us to gain our high customer retention rates, and to expand into new areas of the country from Perth & Kinross, such as Glenrothes and Edinburgh.

If you’d like to discuss our services for stairwells, or any other commercial cleaning, please contact Vasart Commercial Cleaning for a chat about your cleaning needs.

(Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay)