At Vasart we insist on using only high-quality products to keep your office building clean and safe.

How do we ensure our cleaning products are always the best for the job?

We schedule a regular review of our cleaning products, comparing what we use to other leading products on the market. We investigate and rigorously test any potential new contenders before we put them into practice.

From our many years of experience, we know what our clients like and what works well. We’re always happy to listen, too, if clients have specific needs regarding cleaning products.

We use refills to help the planet

At Vasart, we firmly believe that we all have a duty of care to cut the amount of plastic that we buy and dispose of in our business. For this reason, we only buy 5-litre containers of concentrated solution and use refillable bottles to reduce plastic. This helps to ensure we meet our environmental commitments while not sacrificing product quality.

As a company we recycle thoughtfully and carefully, and we support our customers to do likewise, by dealing with separated recyclables for you.

Do you need a deep-clean of your office or building?

Many clients, such as businesses occupying large office blocks, have asked us for a deep-cleaning and ultra-sanitising service before their staff return fully to work, or on a more regular basis.

We wrote recently about our deep-cleaning service with new-to-market product Ramsol, and we’re offering this service to businesses concerned about cleanliness and safety following the COVID pandemic. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more.

Contact us for specialist commercial cleaning today

You’ll also be pleased to know that every regular clean that we do contains individual elements of a deep clean, too. You can be assured that you don’t have to wait for months for certain parts of your office to be cleaned. It’s in hand, every time. It’s this level of service and thoughtfulness that means our customers – from legal and financial firms to dentists and nurseries – stay with us. If you’d like to join them, please contact us today to speak to a cleaning expert.