Vasart Commercial Cleaning: supporting your business’ return to work

With the exit from lockdown underway, we’re delighted to bring you news that the majority of our commercial cleaning staff has been able to return to work.

During the recent challenging times, we’ve been supporting all of our customers who have been able to remain open. This includes our essential work in businesses throughout Perthshire and Edinburgh and on over 100 residential building stairwells.

We’ve also been hard at work developing and growing our business. We have secured new commercial contracts and our Vasart team members are looking forward to supporting our growing client base.

Helping your business to stay safe and clean – during and after lockdown

Many “non-essential” businesses such as retail shops are opening this month, with tourism providers hoping to return in mid-July. This is bringing a great sense of relief to many businesses who have had to remain closed for up to three months.

However, many organisations may also be facing this new business landscape with a little trepidation as they go live with new distancing rules, new equipment and different ways of interacting with customers. Many will also be concerned about keeping their premises ultra-clean and sanitised.

At Vasart we provide a specialist cleaning service that will satisfy the stringent demands of the new ways of working and help you and your teams return to work confidently and safely.

We offer commercial cleaning services of the highest quality to clients in the private sector and public sector. We know that every company and every organisation has its own unique requirements – never more so than now. Our bespoke cleaning schedule matches your requirements and your building(s).

Looking for a deep-clean of your office or building?

Many clients have asked us for a deep-cleaning and ultra-sanitising service before their staff return to work, or on a more regular basis.

We wrote recently about our deep-cleaning service with new-to-market product Ramsol, and we’re offering this service to businesses concerned about cleanliness and safety following the COVID pandemic. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more.

Contact us for specialist commercial cleaning today

You’ll also be pleased to know that every regular clean that we do contains individual elements of a deep clean, too. You can be assured that you don’t have to wait for months for certain parts of your office to be cleaned. It’s in hand, every time. It’s this level of service and thoughtfulness that means our customers stay with us. If you’d like to join them, please contact us today to speak to a cleaning expert.