On Friday 18th September 2020, Vasart Commercial Cleaning will be celebrating ten years in business. Vasart was founded in 2010 by Andrew Morgan, but not for the reasons you might expect…

Andrew explains: “A lot of people start their own business to get a better work-life balance, or because they have a desire to do the thing they love most. I’ll be honest: I started my cleaning business as a way to make a better living, as I couldn’t see that happening in the job I did at the time.”

Having left school with no qualifications, Andrew was employed by a large company, doing work which was steady but not well-paid. He started cleaning for people he knew, during evenings and weekends, and realised he was good at it. The cleaning work took off and allowed him to quit his office job. He took the leap and started Vasart, picking up more and more business contracts.

“When people saw that I’d established a cleaning business, it gave me more credibility and the work started rolling in. We started with cleaning… everything, really, from people’s homes to any kind of building. But to employ and retain staff, I needed to be specific about our services, so we started targeting housing association stairwells and office buildings. Now we clean over 100 stairwells a week as well as offices, industrial buildings, medical and dental clinics and children’s nurseries.”

What gives Andrew job satisfaction nowadays is the fact Vasart gives stable, regular, Monday-to-Friday employment to a team of over 20 staff. That’s increasingly important in today’s climate and, with Vasart expanding into Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, he aims to expand the team steadily. Vasart provides excellence in commercial cleaning backed by first-rate customer service.

We’re all looking forward to the next ten years of Vasart Commercial Cleaning – and to some well-earned cake and celebrations!

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