At Vasart, customer satisfaction is our driving force and we’re always working on new ways to maintain our service at the highest possible level. This means that we can help to ensure that our customers and staff are kept safe, healthy and protected.

We believe it’s always best to use expert knowledge. Just as our customers engage us for help with expert commercial cleaning, we insisted on working with a company whose people are expert in the risk-assessment and Health & Safety fields. We’ve now contracted Armour Risk Consulting to review our Health & Safety policies to ensure that we are meeting – or exceeding – our obligation to protect our staff and our clients.

H2 – What’s under review?

With Armour, we’ll be examining the following areas and making sure they’re industry-standard:

  • Risk assessment for premises, procedures and people
  • Training requirements and delivery
  • Fire-risk assessment
  • First-aid requirements
  • COSHH assessments (preventing exposure to hazardous substances)
  • Safety inspections
  • Incident-reporting.

As we all know, the Health & Safety landscape is a fast-changing and potentially confusing world for employers and staff, never more so than now. When you engage Vasart Commercial Cleaning to carry out bespoke specialist cleaning for your business or organisation, you’ll know that our service is backed up by the latest knowledge, policies and procedures.

Vasart Commercial Cleaning specialises in regular cleaning services for a wide range of commercial clients from offices and office blocks, business centres, public sector organisations, industrial buildings and dental practices to children’s nurseries and residential stairwells.

Read more about our services and contact one of our friendly cleaning experts today to find out how Vasart can help to keep your business healthy and clean.