In our ten years at Vasart Cleaning, the thing that stands out from all of our interactions is that customers need a responsive service and not to be kept waiting.

Your staff and customers need the building(s) to be clean, on time, every time. You want to be able to ask for supplies and get them quickly. You want to know that your cleaning company will reply quickly to any enquiries or requests.

That’s always been our aim at Vasart – to provide a responsive and reliable service. Here are a couple of examples.

Vasart can supply our customers with cleaning and sanitising supplies, quickly and at a fair price. One customer, a commercial property company, asked us on a Monday for free-standing pump hand-sanitiser bottles for a building that they manage. They needed these by the Friday. We sourced a box for them at a reasonable price, installed them quickly and safely stowed away the surplus at their premises. Our cleaners will replace these when supplies are running low.

Another customer asked for a hand-sanitiser stand to keep at reception, and individual bottles and wipes for staff to keep at their desks. We were able to source these the same afternoon and deliver them the next day.

What kind of items can we supply?

We help you to get on with your day

So, whatever you’re needing, whether it’s a last-minute deep clean, a regular cleaning service, or some sanitising supplies, customers of Vasart never have to wait long for a response. We confirm right away that we’ve received your request and we email to let you know that the matter is in hand. That way, you can get on with your day, knowing that your cleaning and supplies are sorted.

We reckon that our responsive and reliable service has helped us to gain our high customer retention rates, and to expand into new areas of the country, such as Glenrothes and Edinburgh.

If you’d like to deal with a reliable cleaning company that responds quickly, contact Vasart Commercial Cleaning for a chat about your cleaning needs.