Why a cleaning company is best for your business

Commercial cleaning companies are well-placed to cover all aspects of cleanliness and hygiene, and can be a reliable extension of your staff.

Perhaps you are starting a new business, have moved to new premises or are reaching the end of your current cleaning contract. If you’re on the lookout for a new cleaner, here are many ways in which a commercial company can make life easier for you and your business.


You don’t have to buy products

When we clean for your business, we supply all products, including the latest and most effective cleaning fluids, polishes and all equipment. That means you don’t have to buy, store or replenish any supplies.

We’re always researching the most effective products, such as industry-leading Ramsol, and we can source items such as free-standing hand sanitisers for our customers.


No worries about holiday cover and sick pay

When our cleaners go on holiday, or are off unwell, you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement. We take care of that by sending along an alternative and equally capable Vasart team member, ensuring you’ll see no difference in service.


We’re covered by our own insurance

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, a commercial cleaning company’s processes are backed up with public liability insurance.


We have excellent Health & Safety procedures

Reputable and professional commercial cleaning companies adhere to strict Health & Safety procedures. At Vasart we have monthly Health & Safety meetings and follow strict protocols to make sure we surpass the required standards.

We have contracted Armour Risk Consulting this year to review our Health & Safety policies and ensure that we are meeting or exceeding our obligation to protect our staff and our clients.

All of this means that we’re on track to become a Safe Contractor, keeping you and your business as safe as possible.


We’re flexible in changing times

We know that your needs change as you grow as a business. We also know that emergencies can happen or you want to do things differently, such as during the recent lockdown. We have the staff capacity to be flexible for our customers, and will adapt to your changing requirements, even at short notice.

This capacity meant that, during the lockdown period, we were able to pause our services for those customers that asked us to, and we didn’t charge them, not even a retainer.


We’re available and responsive

Because we’re a company with an office team, we’re always available during working hours and will respond quickly to your needs. We’re more affordable than you might think, too – after all, you’ll free up your valuable time when you don’t have to manage a team of cleaners by yourself.

All of our Vasart cleaners are employed directly by us, with fair working practices.


Call us for expert cleaning advice

If you would like to speak to a responsive, professional cleaning contractor who can keep your premises clean with a schedule that works round your business, we’d love to hear from you. We currently cover Perth, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

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Vasart offers bespoke cleaning for businesses and the public sector, with helpful advice and flexible working arrangements, whether one day a week or five, from specialist deep cleans to our high-quality regular cleaning.

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