Keeping your nursery environment clean, safely

Children’s nurseries are, by their nature, one of the most demanding environments in which to operate. We understand the importance of exceptional cleaning and hygiene practices, now more than ever.

These help to protect the staff and visitors and, most importantly, the children who are entrusted to the care of the nursery. That means significantly lowering the risk of infection and illness, and in turn reducing absences of staff and children.

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What makes our nursery cleaning service excellent?

There are several principles which comprise our excellent cleaning service in nurseries:

We choose our products carefully, using only those cleaning and sterilising fluids that are safe for a children’s environment.

We know the key focus areas and how to clean these. Children enthusiastically explore all surfaces – including floors – so these must be cleaned and disinfected to an exceptionally high standard.

We understand that cleanliness and preventing risk of infection is a crucial part of the Care Inspectorate’s standards, and we work with our nursery managers to ensure that our cleaning surpasses regulatory standards.

By following these principles, we ensure that the staff and parents are satisfied and the children have a safe environment in which to play and learn.